East Harbor’s “Cure”

"The Cure" enthralls with raw sincerity and a captivating melody, inviting us to embrace its intimate beauty.

Hailing from South Florida, East Harbor is a dynamic Alternative-Pop ensemble. Since their formation in 2014, Josh Dobson, Robby Savage, David Gonzales, and Curtis Wright have fine-tuned their craft, gracing stages alongside industry giants like the Chainsmokers, Badfish, and Ballyhoo. Their infectious blend of catchy guitar riffs and vibrant synths guarantees an energetic, dance-worthy experience whether you’re at the beach or a house party. East Harbor‘s music is the epitome of feel-good vibes.

Venturing into new territory, the band presents “The Cure“, a departure from their usual sound influenced by indie folk ideas and elements. With this track, the band delves into themes of mental health, aiming to illuminate struggles like anxiety and depression. Through emotive lyrics emphasizing beauty, self-worth, and hope, “The Cure Is You” serves as an uplifting anthem, promising a brighter tomorrow. Anticipating global resonance, East Harbor follows up on the success of their previous hits, including “Away From You“, “NXT2U“, and “Exosphere“, all of which topped various charts. Despite its more intimate nature, “The Cure” captivates with its raw sincerity and captivating melody, inviting listeners to embrace its beauty.

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