Elemental – Kent Odessa ft. Raycee Jones & Robert Lux

"Elemental" is this summer's latest upbeat, retro and mystical dance-love-jam to use and abuse all night long.

Upbeat, summer-ready and retro-ambiance-inducing is what best describes Kent Odessa’s new single. “Elemental” is a synth-dance-pop jam, fruit of a collaboration with Raycee Jones that provides the enchanting female vocals, and mystical production by Robert Lux.

[This track] was originally recorded by myself in the winter of 2020 and then Bob and I collaborated on it via Zoom; Raycee joined us in the studio in March and it was the first in-person studio session I’d had since before the pandemic.

Kent Odessa

In this track we get to hear the 70’s and 80’s influences that characterize Kent Odessa’s work but also a more modern groovy overcoat that separate this piece from previous singles. Get loving and ready to boogie with this summer’s latest bop:

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