Astral Bakers’ “I Don’t Remember”

On their latest single, Astral Bakers tell us about the inevitability of separation and young love

Astral Bakers, the latest musical venture led by Sage, also known as Ambroise Willaume, formerly of the French trio Revolver, which released multiple albums on Astralwerks from 2008-2011, comprises seasoned musicians Theodora, Nico Lockhart, and Zoé Hochberg.
With over a decade of professional experience, they have collaborated with diverse artists such as Woodkid, Clara Luciani, and November Ultra. Having previously worked together on various tours and records, the band members share a rich history in the music industry. Astral Bakers, formed after a transformative concert at le Consulat, aspires to transcend the complexities of demos and production, focusing on genuine musical connections and a return to their roots, emphasizing epiphanies, presence, friendship, and purity in their performances.

Now, the musical ensemble is set to release their debut album, “The Whole Story“, on February 9th via Sage Music. Following the earlier singles “One More” and “Shelter” in 2023, their newest single, “I Don’t Remember“, shares a narrative of a breakup between two individuals who came together at a young age but grew apart over time. The song, characterized by a delicate warmth and edge reminiscent of Elliott Smith, The Breeders, and The Zombies, reflects the inevitability of separation that could persist indefinitely.

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