Our Playlists

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Since 2021 we keep a set of playlists on our Spotify. Gathering now more than 1000 subscribers, we find ourselves listening to them time and time again. Maybe because they feature less than 1% of the music we listen to every single day, these are very curated playlists where you may discover some of your new favourite bands.

Where the Music Meets | (best new indie music)

Best new indie tracks we’ve listened to and written about all year. Updated weekly:

Life Soundtrack – An ambient, drone, electronic indie playlist by WtMM

Special playlist featuring the best indie music focusing on chilling and ambient sonorities. Perfect for work, meditation, relaxation and all life purposes.

TIFU – Today I Folked Up (best of new Folk by WtMM)

A playlist featuring great new folk tracks. All tracks listed were featured in TIFU monthly roundup:

ELECTROMENTAL (best of indie electronica by WtMM)

Electronica makes us think, and dance with our brains. A WtMM Playlist. Illustration by Wilsongracart.

INDIE ROCKERS (best of indie rock by WtMM)

A playlist featuring the best new findings concerning indie rock. You may find here a lot of bands you never heard about that will make you head-bang all the way.