Self Help’s “Enrage Engage” is here!

"Enrage Engage" captures the essence of Self Help's unique sound in a whirlwind.

Self Help, the dynamic quintet hailing from Oxford, UK, packs a thunderous punch with their blend of raw punk and psychedelic rock. Consisting of Danny, Khalil, Sean, Jimmy, and Patrick, the band has been igniting stages since 2021 with their electrifying performances, fueled by synths and electric guitars. Their live shows, led by three charismatic frontmen, are an unforgettable experience, showcasing their DIY ethos and passion for crafting authentic and boundary-pushing music. Self Help‘s sonic explorations result in a sound that’s as noisy as it is unapologetic, leaving audiences craving more of their distinctive and daring soundscapes.

Their latest single, “Enrage Engage“, serves as a compelling preview to their upcoming debut album of the same name, following the success of their recent work. Clocking in at just over four minutes, “Enrage Engage” is a whirlwind encapsulation of the band’s signature sound. With a mix of sardonic lyricism, dissonant melodies, crunchy synths, and explosive sonics, Self Help delivers a powerful message about the modern world.
Their debut album, fueled by post-punk energy, explores themes of shattered dreams, existential dread, and the complexities of online social dynamics. Demonstrating their drive for innovation, Self Help incorporates unconventional sounds, from hoovers to teeth being brushed, ensuring that their music remains fresh and dynamic.

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