The Team

WtMM Best Albums of 2018

José Coelho
Founder, Chief Writer, Band Management, PR Management

HCI researcher and music discoverer. Indie, folk, rock and an electronic twist.

Portugal, Lisbon

Beatriz Szwarc
Associate Writer, Designer, Illustrator

Neuroscientist and music enthusiast.The indier and rap-ier, the better.

Portugal, Lisbon

António Bruges
Writer, Band Management, PR, Booker

Cook and Pastry Chef. Bon Iver number 1 fan. Exhaustive search for brand new artists.

Portugal, Lisbon

Adam Kessler

Music appreciator and blogger with a funk/soul/R&B/hip-hop/electronic lean.

Maine, USA


Simão Reis

Ramones t-shirt and a lot of dreamy vibes. A poet and a musician.

Portugal, Lisbon



Miguel Gouveia

Music Festival Producer and proud CD collector.
Music doesn’t need labels, as long as it generates emotions.

Portugal, Cascais


João Iria
Photographer, Video Director

Big heart, big guy, and all about movies. WtMM number 1 fan.

Portugal, Lisbon

Catarina Lopes
Photographer and Video Maker

About calm and chill, photos with an edge of excellence. WtMM Balcony  and Portugal Shows.

Portugal, Lisbon


Ryan Rose
Photographer, Writer

Photographer of all things people and music. Also loves rollerblading and drawing weird cartoons.

New York, USA