Submit your music

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You have several ways of submitting tracks for Where the Music Meets. Email is no longer the way to get featured in WtMM, and due to the overwhelming number of submissions (about 200 a day), we are now providing multiple ways of submitting to us.

Every single word we write in this magazine is a product of a writer’s time and careful thinking and passion. We do like to reward writers as we believe that helps to keep this magazine flowing with great content, and therefore we incentive you to submit using one of two ways: The submithub platform, or our favourite: being part of our just released Patreon


If you prefer to establish direct contact with us we are now using Patreon for submissions. By being our Patreon you will get access to an exclusive form to send your music directly to us (up to 10 tracks per month). We can also arrange for Patreon subscribers to send their music directly through email. As we grow our community you will also have access to exclusive content and exclusive polls as well as opportunities for Patreons to feature or recommend bands for events curated by us.



Submithub is a platform for promoters and artists to send music to blogs, editors, and social influencers. It works by making it possible to acquire credits which can then be exchanged for sending your music to the selected media channels. We’ve been part of SH since 2018 and through it, we’ve been able to provide feedback to almost 38000 submissions within 48 hours.