Mali Hâf – Igam Ogam

Igam-Ogam is Welsh for Zig-Zag and Mali Hâf's colourful latest release is all of that!

Forged from the enchanting essence of Welsh dragon magic, Mali Hâf emerges with a voice that resonates like the battle cries of a Celtic warrior and a presence that channels the energy of a formidable witch. Driven by an inner imperative, she weaves songs, writes verses, and takes the stage, for the creative energy coursing through her veins threatens to combust her vibrant mind. Her thoughts and visions cascade like a kaleidoscope, and in the face of a world burdened by affliction, she finds solace and meaning through her artistic expressions.
Yet, beneath this passionate drive, her foundation is rooted in an unceasing wellspring of inspiration drawn from her Dharma practice and upbringing. Mali Hâf extends a heartfelt invitation to journey into the present, crafting a sonic tapestry that merges the contemporary with the timeless. Her musical essence, a fusion of electronic pulses, pop allure, and Alt RnB vibes, harmoniously embraces her ancestral Welsh mysticism, ensuring that the echoes of the past resound vividly alongside the beats of today.

Igam Ogam“, a cherished gem within Mali Hâf‘s treasury of Welsh words, sparked the genesis of a song bearing its name. Rooted in a visceral connection to the reality it encapsulates, Mali perceives it as onomatopoeic, a word that resonates with the very essence it represents. When the vibrant chords of this composition fill the air, Mali herself finds delight in an energetic dance, an embodiment of the song’s vivacious spirit.
Amidst the dynamic electronic cadence, Mali aspires to channel a symphony of frustration and ambiguity reminiscent of a zigzagging path, while also unveiling the solace that blooms from embracing its mesmerizing patterns. The mellower, tender intervals of the piece unveil a conversation with her youthful self, a compassionate exchange that consoles the girl who once dreamt of a linear path devoid of missteps and heartache.

Igam Ogam” stands as a cornerstone of the forthcoming EP titled “Jig-So“, a compilation of six resonant harmonies slated for an autumn unveiling. Gratitude swells within Mali‘s heart, directed towards the Arts Council of Wales, whose generous support has played a pivotal role in bringing these musical tales to fruition.

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