Yellow Days – Hurt In Love

George van den Broek take on love is quirky, raw and too powerful.

“Amazing, raw and intense vocals; blood chilling, relatable lyrics; soul and vulnerability for days”. When we introduced Yellow Days for the first time, we knew there was something special there.

Yesterday he released Hurt In Love another single taken from the upcoming Is Everything OK In Your World? (this Autumn). And we could not be more convinced about this one either. Even stronger than the previous two songs, this is a very complex song. Hard to categorize as a defined style, it mixes his overwhelmingly quirky and raw voice with a rock bass, banger drums and a constant indie piano overflow. When the guitar comes in, back in the emptiness of the track, it truly transports us to somewhere else. To add it up, the sort of experimental and mysterious ending of the track pushes it to a completely different indie limbo.

Hurt In Love is about the pain you cause one another when you’re in love. The emotional abuse and darkness of love and what it can do.

To even better complement George van den Broek vocals, a strangely awesome video also came out with the song. This is also the opportunity to hear the song a second time in a whole completely different way. If to our ears the song already sounds pretty epic, the sort of performance he gives on the video makes us eager to see him live. And again, that guitar… Oh my…

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