Discovering Wuzy Bambussy’s Eclectic Jazz Evolution

Jazzing the cabaret all night long. Meet Wuzz Bambussy.


The word takes us directly to New Orleans, in the United States of America, where an artistic and musical manifestation began in the 19th century, where instruments, styles and musical genres were mixed. No one was left out of this parade – and everything synchronised in the blink of an eye.

That’s what jazz has always been: the greatest expression of friendship and devotion to what we all love: music.

Its style can vary greatly, but we usually associate it with a unique, different experience – often almost improvised, which leaves no one indifferent.

From generation to generation, from country to country: the genre has moulded itself and adapted to the conditions it had, suddenly changing everything it had – or could, in this case – do.

Today we fly to the UK, more precisely to Bristol. Meet Wuzy Bambussy and their eclectic jazz that takes us back decades.

Wuzy Bambussy is the alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Jones. To add to the golden instrumentation, since March 2023 Kat Harrison and her wonderful, irreverent voice have been introduced to the band.

They release a new single every month until the end of the year. For this journey, we present Shoo Be Di Do.

And it’s in the twinkling of an eye that we feel liberated, freed from all our ties, in a lounge where anything is possible. We grab a drink and follow the instrumental that makes big names like Nouvelle Vague or Massive Attack blush. Is it the trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano or drums? We don’t know, but it sounds so good that we can’t stop listening.

We’re joined by Kat’s sweet voice, which holds us from the first minute to the last.

From improvisation to improvisation, from Bristol to the world: Wuzy Bambussy are a sweetheart who has parachuted into our lives – and we’re going to want to follow (and a lot)—a WtMM recommendation.

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