Drinking Gooseberry’s “Amaretto”

Smooth and amber on the mouth, trippy and colourful on the head, this is Gooseberry's latest!

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Gooseberry emerged in the autumn of 2019 as a dynamic trio. Fusing elements of alternative rock, indie, and blues, this trio’s music creates a distinctive auditory experience that resonates throughout every track. Comprising the ensemble are Asa Daniels, who handles guitar and vocals, Evin Rossington on drums, and Will Hammond, responsible for bass duties.

From their forthcoming EP, Gooseberry presents their fourth single titled “Amaretto“, a captivating ode to contemporary romance. Through evocative lyrics, the song plunges into the intricate layers of love, depicting tender instances shared over tea and tumultuous turns. Drawing inspiration from indie and post-britpop luminaries like The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Arctic Monkeys, the track’s crescendo of guitars and drums infuses it with a vibrant dynamism. “Amaretto” stands as a testament to their musical finesse, skillfully melding sentiment and laid-back rhythms into an unforgettable voyage through love’s depths.

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