cover art by @isabelcamille_(IG) for Without The San's latest "Bruise"
Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 23.

AM!R feat. James Patterson – OK!

AM!R and James Patterson, known for their successful co-writing ventures, have joined forces to create the infectious track “Ok!“. This is a soulful journey that captures the essence of a perfect night in New York City, exuding confidence, coolness, and a touch of wildness. Serving as a captivating vibe, this is the first track of many collaborations to be unveiled this year between both. AM!R shares that the song’s message is about breaking free from self-doubt and embracing life wholeheartedly. It encourages listeners to say “OK!” to themselves, their style, their desires, and the unknown, ultimately creating moments worth cherishing.

Arriel – Genius and Magic

Genius and Magic” by Arriel is a track that defies expectations and takes listeners on an exhilarating journey. The forced mechanical vocals repetition, which may seem unconventional at first, surprisingly works incredibly well, adding an infectious and hypnotic quality to the song. As the track progresses, there is an overwhelming evolution that seamlessly blends an epic house mood with introspection and an irresistible urge to dance. The deep drum-and-bass elements serve as the backbone, transmitting a clear vision and propelling the energy to new heights. Despite its short duration, “Genius and Magic” possesses the potential to be transformed into a captivating 10-minute dancefloor anthem, captivating audiences with its dynamic and innovative approach.

Arriel, a versatile producer, drummer, and DJ, brings a wealth of musical experience and influences to his craft. With a background in punk and metal bands, he infuses his dubstep and trap productions with a unique intensity and energy, characterized by heavy beats and powerful rhythms. Beyond his solo work, Arriel has also contributed his skills on bass and guitar to indie rock and folk groups, showcasing his well-rounded understanding of diverse genres and styles.

Böjo x Dr Honey – Where Do We Go?

Dr Honey is an enchanting Colombian band forged by the talented Narváez sisters, Laura and Camila. Together, they channel their artistic prowess into a mesmerizing fusion of Acid Techno’s electronic rhythms and ethereal melodies, beautifully complemented by their sweet, captivating voices. Their live performances are a captivating spectacle, brimming with vibrant colours and radiant energy. Drawing inspiration from retro aesthetics and classical art icons, their visually stunning show intertwines a sense of wistful melancholy with a contemporary musical vibe.

Joining forces with the esteemed Latin GRAMMY nominee artist Böjo, the talented sister duo unveils a remarkable EP comprised of three captivating songs. At the heart of this EP lies the poignant third single “Where Do We Go?” which also lends its name to this extraordinary musical compilation. With heartfelt sincerity, the song delves into the depths of uncertainty surrounding the future of a relationship—a pivotal moment demanding a choice between forging ahead or releasing one another. Undoubtedly, immersing oneself in the entire EP becomes an imperative endeavor, as it reveals the mesmerizing evolution of both musical entities’ distinctive sounds.

Canon Kline – OVERGROWN

Meet Canon Kline, a talented music producer hailing from Reading, Philadelphia. With an unwavering passion for creating music, he eagerly looks forward to sharing his musical journey with all of you. Prepare to be captivated as Canon’s heartfelt melodies and carefully crafted compositions take you on a remarkable sonic adventure.

OVERGROWN, Canon Kline’s latest is an introspective song which delves into the theme of leaving behind childhood and reconciling with the consequences of time. He explores the desire to travel back in time and equip his younger self for the challenges that lie ahead in the near future. The synth pad, skilfully manipulated throughout the duration of the song, represents the subtle disparities between his childhood and adulthood. Canon employs clean vocals in the chorus, assuming the role of the song’s narrator, while rap vocals serve as a means to express his conversation with his younger self. To evoke a nostalgic sentiment, he incorporates an audio clip from 13 years ago featuring himself and his father. In essence, OVERGROWN encapsulates the journey of personal growth, grappling with the passage of time, and finding solace in embracing the present while reflecting on the past.

DJ Zinc – Goofy

DJ Zinc is a remarkable artist who has achieved both underground and commercial success across a wide range of genres, including house, breakbeat, UK garage, and drum & bass. With over 1,000,000 physical records sold, his impact on the industry is undeniable. In his track “Goody,” DJ Zinc showcases his versatility and musical prowess. The song skillfully combines future and UK garage elements with cultural influences, creating a fresh and captivating sound that occasionally takes on a Tron-like quality. The clever use of bass elements adds depth to the track, while its repetitive nature creates an infectious groove. “Goody” is a testament to DJ Zinc’s ability to deliver innovative and melancholic vibes, while still maintaining a sense of freshness that keeps listeners hooked.

Kepler North – Flow State

Kepler North, crafted by the seasoned video game sound designer Joshua Davidson, brings forth a musical endeavour that captivates the senses. In their latest single release of 2023, titled “Flow State” the fusion of danceable rhythms and mesmerizing introspection is truly extraordinary. With its extended runtime, the track embarks on a sonic odyssey, weaving a narrative that enchants from the first note to the last. Its seamless arrangement artfully induces a state of flow, enveloping the listener in a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences. The track merges progressive house, with melodic techno without forgetting a very easy touch on disco, and that fusion is incredibly enticing for us.

Nikonn – Euphoria

Euphoria” by Nikonn is an electrifying and genre-agnostic masterpiece crafted by the London-based music producer and artist. This euphoric uptempo breakbeat electronic IDM track takes inspiration from the likes of BICEP and ORBITAL, showcasing Nikonn’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly. From the outset, the breakbeat rhythm grabs your attention and never lets go, demonstrating Nikonn’s skill in executing the breakbeat with precision. As the track progresses, it exudes an incredible pace and evolves dynamically, constantly heightening the listener’s excitement. The superb production of “Euphoria” incorporates a rich tapestry of elements from various corners of electronica, effortlessly combining electronic and electric instruments. At the heart of the track lies the electrifying synth, which emits timeless and irresistible melodies, leaving a lasting impact. With “Euphoria,” Nikonn delivers an enthralling musical experience that showcases his versatility and ability to create captivating and evolving soundscapes within the realm of electronic music.

Papadosio – Everyone Is Cool

You’re cool, I’m cool, everyone is cool and I wanna make some noise about it“. Papadosio, the crossover act blending prog rock, livetronica, jazz, and jam, has cultivated a devoted fan base with consistent touring, innovative albums, and unforgettable live performances. With a grassroots origin and now based in Asheville, NC, the five-piece band pushes musical boundaries and delivers unique experiences through complex compositions, synchronized visuals, and ever-evolving shows. His newest track “Everyone Is Cool” exudes an effortlessly cool atmosphere that effortlessly draws you in, with its relaxed and smooth vibe that flows seamlessly. It strikes the perfect balance between being danceable and introspective, inviting you to move your body while also exploring deeper thoughts. The song feels familiar and comforting, yet it also ventures into adventurous territory, blending electronic elements with a distinct organic essence. The standout drums add a captivating rhythm, while the groovy guitar elements infuse a modern indie rock edge, elevating the track to a whole new level of contemporary allure.

Without the San – Bruise

Without the San (already featured here and here), is a Boston-born and Los Angeles-based visual artist, DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Trained in classical percussion and jazz drums, he blends his live experience with a diverse set of dance floor-ready house and techno grooves. His latest masterpiece, “Bruise” is an enchanting and hypnotic melodic house experience that will immerse you in its captivating sonic landscape. This track exhibits a unique blend of repetitive elements that are anything but monotonous, captivating your senses with each progression. Expertly crafted, the production emanates a dark and intriguing vibe, drawing you into its depths. Without the San skillfully infuses the energy and nuance of indie rock and jazz into the pulsating groove of melodic house music, creating a mesmerizing fusion that transcends genre boundaries. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that will leave an indelible mark on your musical consciousness.

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