The nostalgic “Transmission” by Sands

"Transmission" takes me back to my parents car, in the 90's, in a sweet and nostalgic drive.

Sands, the solo project of London-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Andrew Sands, is gearing up for an exciting announcement. On June 10th, he released his first single, “Transmission” from Sands‘ forthcoming full-length album titled “The World’s So Cruel“, set to be released on October 13th via Temporary Wisdom.

Sands‘ music can be described as dreamy and uplifting power-pop with a touch of classic American AM radio vibes. His sound is enriched with elements of post-punk and new wave, creating a captivating and hook-laden experience. The combination of smart, introspective songwriting and hazy production encapsulates the essence of his upcoming album. Inspired by Sands‘ time living in a bustling intersection in Northeast London, the first single, “Transmission“, perfectly captures the nostalgic essence of that particular moment in his life.

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