Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 22

BAH.ROMA – Останній день літа (The Last Day of Summer)

BAH.ROMA is an indie musician hailing from Donbas, an Ukrainian region that has been under Russian occupation for the past nine years. Originally known for his work with a rock band, he has now transitioned into a self-reliant sound producer, crafting music as a solo artist. Apart from his musical endeavours, he is deeply involved in various social and philanthropic initiatives, particularly those focused on mental health support. In light of the recent escalation of war, he is actively raising funds to provide medical and humanitarian assistance to children, as well as ambulances for military doctors.

After the impact of “199.9“, which explores themes of escape and the struggle for identity amidst conflict, BAH.ROMA unveils his second single titled “Останній день літа” (“The Last Day of Summer“). The track was recorded in a home studio located in the quaint town of Lyneham, near Oxford. BAH.ROMA dedicated his time to recording this track in between his performances in the UK, all of which were organized to generate support for socially vulnerable children in Ukraine. Despite the yearning conveyed in the lyrics and the melancholic harmony, the song carries a sense of hope. Notably, the introduction of the song features samples from the BBC Radio orchestra.

Helax – Musikk

Helax‘s latest single, “Musikk” is a delightful electronic track that showcases the artist’s knack for crafting fun and engaging electronic production. The track stands on its own with its infectious energy as it offers a refreshing blend of electronic elements, creating an upbeat and lively atmosphere that is sure to get listeners moving. With its catchy melodies and pulsating rhythms, “Musikk” demonstrates Helax’s versatility as a producer. The upcoming album, “A Million Questions Glow In The Dark” promises a different sonic experience, ranging from conventional electronic sounds to ambient and classical influences. Helax‘s ability to capture the essence of uncertain times is reflected in the album’s title, reflecting the multitude of questions we face today.


As an avid electronic music lover and producer, J-LOWER has showcased his versatility across various genres, including Techno, Drum & Bass, EDM, and Electronica. With his previous EP, “Deep Field” he captured attention in the music scene, and now he embarks on a new sonic adventure with his full album, “Retro Futurism“. This 12-track masterpiece seamlessly navigates between ambient electronic compositions and the captivating sounds of progressive house from the mid-90s.

UFO” stands as a shining gem within this eclectic album, captivating listeners from the very first note. The track’s brilliance lies in its skilful use of repetition, which carries a profound depth that resonates with each subsequent occurrence. J-LOWER’s smart progressions lead the listener to sonic exploration, skillfully blending elements of the past and future. The infusion of 80s vibes creates a nostalgic atmosphere, transporting the audience to a bygone era while simultaneously offering a fresh and innovative perspective. Throughout the track, quirky variations and unexpected twists emerge, inviting the listener to immerse themselves fully and headbang away to the infectious beats. “UFO” is a testament to J-LOWER’s creative prowess and his ability to craft a sonic experience that transcends time and genre boundaries.

Monikaze – Tell Me

Tell Me” by Monikaze is a captivating electronic track that delves into the complex emotions of vulnerability, love, and rejection. The song explores the transformative power of receiving even a small amount of affection, which can completely consume and overwhelm one’s emotions. Monikaze, the versatile composer behind the project, showcases her talent for blending various styles, drawing inspiration from IDM, ambient, electronica, jazz, and more. The composition features a fusion of synthetic and acoustic sounds, with mesmerizing vocal phrases adding depth and texture. “Tell Me” is a part of Monikaze’s electronic album “Chicken Wings” which expertly balances friendly and aggressive moods through its rich bass lines, intricate vocal manipulation, and hidden harmonies. It’s a thought-provoking and sonically immersive experience that showcases Monikaze’s unique musical vision.

NOCUI – Faster

NOCUI, a classically trained pianist turned electronic music producer, is making waves with his second EP “Passion“. His meticulous approach to studio production and sound design shines through in his meticulously crafted tracks, which seamlessly blend elements of sound design, orchestration, and intricate rhythm patterns. Influenced by early 2000s sounds, his groundbreaking single “Faster” showcases sexy breakbeat grooves, an infectious baseline, captivating textures, and vocal glitches. With a modern production approach, NOCUI’s music hooks listeners from the very first second, establishing him as a rising talent in the Berlin music scene and beyond.

Suncream – Breakaway

Suncream, an emerging artist from Calderdale, West Yorkshire, blurs the boundaries between musician, producer, DJ, and composer. Their lo-fi electronic exploration combines live instruments, samples, laptops, and tape machines to create progressive, ambient grooves and sun-soaked textures. Having garnered support from BBC Introducing, Eton Messy, Stereofox, and Indie Shuffle, Suncream surprises listeners with their latest single “Breakaway“. This snappy, serotonin-boosting, disco-fueled track breaks away from convention, effortlessly finding its way into summer mixes and playlists. Soothe your soul and soak up the warm evening rays while enjoying the infectious energy of Suncream’s sun-kissed soundscapes.

Tonkaya sherst – Shoebox

Tonkaya sherts, a Turkish-Canadian electronic duo, showcases their quirkiness and capacity for innovation in their latest track, “Shoebox“. The song explores the experiences of homesickness and the fragility of self-confidence faced by individuals who were forced to leave their homes in Russia due to war and the persecution of free thought. These emigrants packed cherished belongings like Polaroid photos and a porcelain dinosaur into shoeboxes, symbolic treasures that can bring a sense of home to any space. “Shoebox” captures the longing for home and the search for identity in new surroundings that these individuals face as they disperse around the world. Inspired by their own personal experiences, musicians Nastia Radek and Sasha Burkowski of Fine Wool infuse the track with a unique blend of electronic, experimental, and classical elements, showcasing their ability to seamlessly transition between genres while delving into the depths of memory and emotion.

Turista Per Sempre – Ballin

Turista Per Sempre is set to release their first track of the year. Titled “Ballin“, the song features the exceptional bass trombone player, Maxine Troglauer. With this release, Turista Per Sempre aims to gently rouse listeners from their hibernation and accompany them throughout the spring and late summer.”Ballin” showcases Turista Per Sempre‘s distinctive style of blending various music genres. The band has always been recognized for their playful approach to clichés while maintaining the utmost musical quality, and this new release stays true to that ethos. By combining elements of RnB, dancehall, and jazz, the track presents a fresh and laid-back sound that perfectly complements the summer season.

Without the San – Retina

Without the San is a versatile artist hailing from Boston and currently based in Los Angeles (we talked about him earlier here). As a visual artist, DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, he brings together his extensive background in classical percussion and jazz drums to craft an engaging blend of house and techno grooves that are tailor-made for the dance floor. One of his latest notable creations is “Retina” a track born from a sampling experiment aimed at exploring the nuanced interplay between vocals and rhythm. The result is a mesmerizing pocket that envelops you during your dance floor journey. Beginning in the realm of breakbeat, the track gradually transitions into a captivating techno moment that transports you into a state of pure immersion. With “Retina“, Without the San demonstrates his knack for crafting transformative musical experiences that transport listeners from one sonic landscape to another.

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