[PREMIERE] Pricess – Vamos a Tomar

Road-trip or dancing soundtrack? Both. This is Pricess.

Pricess Vamos a Tomar Premiere

Here’s one for the dancing masses! We have the honor of premiering Pricess debut in the electronic world with the insanely catchy Vamos a Tomar.

For the less knowledgeable, Tomar is a city in Portugal and “Vamos a Tomar” literally means “Let’s go to Tomar”. Taking that notion as the basis that inspired the song, (or at least making everything out of the vocal sample) we definitely can relate with this as a road-trip soundtrack and at the same time as the ideal Summer soundtrack for a typical night life in Tomar.

Pricess is a long-time collaborator of Tep No, who has done countless of those viciously engaging guitar parts on Tep No’s songs. That guitar-based characteristics are more than present in Vamos a Tomar, but also a gorgeous beat accompanies the whole 124 bpm of the track. They like to call it a tropical house song that impersonates Latin-dance. We, Portuguese writers of WtMM can related with that, but we don’t suppose we will be the only ones. These 3 minutes and 21 seconds of song should be guaranteed to be played on discos all around the World. If they aren’t, DJs are loosing quality. To make that possible Pricess teamed-up with WtMM to make this premiere a free download one. So just press that download button and take this with you to the weekend. It will ensure you have a blast.

More on Pricess can be found in the future on the below link. And probably, all over everywhere.