MintJulep – In Tandem

MintJulep just released In Tandem, a jazzy tune that makes you dream in yellow and orange.

MintJulep in tandem wtmm

Happy Monday everyone! Today we have something very special in store for you.

Recently, we have been getting more and more into “modern” soul/jazz tracks. Erykah Badu and Izzy Bizu fit exactly into this description. And do you know who else? MintJulep.

MintJulep is formed by Maya Morales (vocals), James Sud (bass), Tristan Burke (keyboard), and Matthew Fyke (drums) and they are amazing! Earlier this year, they released Better, a vintage sounding tune that enchants every soul, no matter how dark or how closed.

Yesterday, MintJulep dropped their latest track, In Tandem. Similarly to the previous single, In Tandem is very cool, very smooth and very much enjoyable.

The song is about being joyfully, blissfully in love — it’s really reflective of finding a lifelong partner/companion, and being really over the moon about it. 

Maya Morales

In Tandem starts off in a very mellow way, only a touch of keys to open up the appetite. Just a few seconds after, the drums set the not-so-rushed, not-so-slow pace. And then… Maya’s vocals appear and shift all our attention to her. The voice glazes through the air seamlessly as the bass woos us away. And the mood is set. We are ready for 4 minutes of pure 70’s, yellow and orange kind of ecstasy.

The first line “you’re a butterfly’s yellow wing” is an allusion to the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” — again wanting to capture the poetry and imagery of a beautiful love story.

Maya Morales

In Tandem is going to be present on their debut EP, set to release early November, and it will be filled with unique musical chemistry, creative future soul, and dreamy, original indie-pop melodies.