EMBERS – Signs

This is EMBERS first song in a very long time. And what a song!

EMBERS new secret signs

This is a post introducing EMBERS, and how sometimes we need for new bands to write us an humble email, and drop us their latest song. Their latest magic.

“We write really big, epic stuff. Sigur Rós mixed with bands like Foals, Arcade Fire and so on”. That was how Steven McInerney (one fourth of EMBERS) introduced his band to us, following a set of emails with songs. Just like that, four links to four songs.

Well, we heard them. Part of The Echoes and Hollow Cage came first.We heard both songs a couple of times, saw something in them, and let the player on repeat throughout the afternoon (a true measure of a song quality is how many times you can listen to it, and grow to like it more every time you do). We were not blown away by its quality, but we saw something in their sound. Until we searched for live versions of them. And found this:

This is self-explanatory, as the amount and quality of sound produced in both versions of the songs is just overwhelming. Both Sigur Rós and Foals vibes are there, but more than that, both songs had a very own and truly-felt hard rock punch, which gives EMBERS a very own sonority.

Still, after 2013, they were quiet for a while: “…we disappeared, caught up in some boring tedious industry stuff. Released a song, ‘The Bitten Tongue‘ that went down well, then our drummer left unfortunately!”. As the band seemed to part ways, the song they’ve putted out kept the strong rock vibe as well as their almost (Placebo like) chaotic stamp.

Then, we get to the best part.

“This is our first new song in a very long time”

Steven wrote only this in the email where he dropped Signs. This happened two weeks ago. From that day to today, we’ve listened to Signs every single day. Because of it’s flow, the way it keeps intact what EMBERS impersonated from the beggining, and the way it keeps through to itself in the immense doses of cristal clear emotional instrumental sounds. And because of all that, it is everything a band can hope for a comeback. Their best song yet. A brutal (Amen Indie) rock anthem.

Nice to meet you EMBERS, and welcome back. We cannot wait for May.

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