Izzy Bizu – Lost Paradise

In Lost Paradise, the newest single from Izzy Bizu, we can feel the soul, sing the pop and dance the funk. Extremely well produced, this is one to keep on repeat.

Picture via Izzy Bizu.

We lost ourselves in Izzy Bizu‘s Lost Paradise for hours upon hours. This her latest single from the upcoming album, A Moment of Madness, that’s expected to be released September 2nd. Lost Paradise is packed with soul and that immediately reminisced us to Amy Winehouse‘s groove and (although higher pitched) vocals. The great thing about Izzy is that nothing she puts out is flat or a one genre kind of track. She excels in mixing all genres together creating art. With Lost Paradise we can feel the soul, sing the pop and dance the funk. It’s amazing. Furthermore, this single is a reminder (as if necessary) of her true worth, this song focuses mainly on her beautiful, strong and wide ranged vocals (that we got to know extremely well with her participation in Spotify Sessions) in the midst of a dramatic blues instrumental background. But then, mid way through the track, she presents us with a little hip-hop segment that is the cherry on top. Extremely well produced, this single is absolutely gorgeous,and is one to keep on repeat for a few more times.

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