Josh Savage – Blue Luck

Josh Savage is back with another stunner.

Photo by Catarina Lopes
Blue Luck Josh Savage Meeting of the Day Catarina Lopes

Josh Savage is back! Well, he released his latest single Blue Luck some days ago, and if we have created some high expectations for this new release, we are very happy to say he fulfilled all of them and more, and Blue Luck may very well be a song of the year candidate.

Blue Luck is, first of all, a surprising song. It does not evolve as we are used to – or as the typical song tends to evolve nowadays – but in a very refreshing way it builds up a melody and ends up on probably the highest, most instrumental and vocally rich part. Having said that, and as it is common from Josh’s songs, this is another super melodic and vocally-hooked song. Half story-telling like half mysteriously vibed, as it goes by more layers are added until it is inevitable that we sing along. Sounds cinematic, sounds rich, sounds honest and intense. Sounds like it doesn’t have to end. Sounds better every time.

With a video to be released soon – we’ve seen some pictures of an epic cinematic approach – this is an evident and solid step into an EP that we expect to have a lot of quality. With Josh going on the Blue Luck Tour we hope we could be in any of the below dates to catch him singing this intensely: