FOXTRAX – Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever is a great pop-rock song we can't help to sing away.

FOXTRAX Nothing Lasts Forever WtMM Meeting of the Day

We are no huge fans of easily declared comercial songs, but we know there are songs that as more comercial as they get, will always be great songs. This is the case with FOXTRAX latest song Nothing Lasts Forever.

FOXTRAX are Ben Schneid (Vocals, Guitar, Keys), Jared Stenz (Bass) and Jon Stenz (Drums), three Long Island-based friends which started music soon they graduated two years ago. They debuted with Cabin EP that same year and managed to open for Barns Courtney this Summer. The tour seems to have inspired them, and they are now releasing a new 3-song long EP with the same name as the song – Nothing Lasts Forever.

Nothing Lasts Forever is the second of those 3 songs. It comes after the release of the swagish and highly pop-rock inspired Grey Morning. The beginning of the song showcases the type of comercial feeling that it is all about. But soon the vocals come in we also see much more potential in it. Resembling the song composition of great bands like Travis, One Republic, The Fray or even sometimes Kings of Leon, this is a great song that never drops its momentum. Vocals sound always inspiring. The drums and guitars sound like one. And there is also that dramatic je ne se quois that provides it with the necessary amount of depth. When it ends, it is undeniable that we want to keep singing to it. There is no better sign of a great radio song, than that.