Stratos Ensemble are “Together In Flames”

Together in Flames breaks free from jazz norms, epitomizing the essence of the new Stratos Ensemble album!

The Stratos Ensemble, led by Dean De Benedictis, has been redefining alternative jazz in Los Angeles since 2004. Their latest album, “Freeing Form“, blends electronic and live elements into a seamless sonic journey. Departing from traditional free-jazz norms, their improvisational approach is complemented by meticulous production, resulting in a polished yet adventurous sound. With a rotating lineup and the addition of vocalist Nichole Michelle Jones, the band continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of musical expression.

The album’s spotlight track, “Together In Flames,” released on April 12 alongside the album in a slightly condensed single version, emerges from a longer improvised session recorded live at Clear Lake Studios in 2022. Dean’s deft post-production touches add depth to its raw energy. The song’s title intriguingly juxtaposes its mood with its lyrics, inviting listeners into a fiery exploration of emotion and connection.

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