cowboyy – Gmaps

A debut single that absolutely shreds in its emo sentiment.

cowboyy - Gmaps

Like black midi? Then you’ll love cowboyy, the quartet from the elusive South Coast who have recently signed to Nice Swan Records (Sports Team, Courting, Pip Blom, English Teacher, and many more…).

cowboyy are formed by vocalist, lead guitarist, producer and songwriter Stanley Powell (21), he’s joined by bassist Reubin Yarnold(22), guitarist Kai Smith (19) and drummer Rhys Teal (19) complete the South Coast quartet’s line-up.

In “Gmaps“, their debut single, cowboyy absolutely shred to bits. They play like a band possessed to innovate, who listened to black midi’s “Schlagenheim” and it changed their life.

They feel close to the British post-punk revival of today, yet, the sentiment revealed in “Gmaps” pushes them closer to emo (and math-rock, of course – Battles comes to our mind as an influence) than most of their peers, similar at some moments to what English Teacher have showcased thus far in their discovery. Without a doubt, “Gmaps” absolutely rips – no other way ’round it.

Elaborating on the track Stanley Powell explains: “When we first started rehearsing together ‘Gmaps’ was the first song I had written for cowboyy. I was away from home and didn’t have a guitar with me at the time. The first thing I did when I got back was play it. I remember being told it would get stuck in peoples head, I liked that.”

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