A genius through-the-glass pop-rock debut. This is Angel Abaya

Immerse yourself in Angel Abaya's highly anticipated debut album

Angel Abaya’s highly anticipated album, “The Bubble” is a captivating exploration of the different spheres we inhabit, from social circles to our relationship with ourselves and the world.

Throughout the last months, we’ve been introduced to Angel Abaya’s creativity in a series of singles that were released ahead of the album.

Through the Glass” was the first song we listened to and our entrance point to her artistry. It served as the second single from Angel Abaya’s highly anticipated album, “The Bubble“. This introspective track effortlessly combines elements of gentle pop with a captivating and contemplative atmosphere. At first, the song feels delicate, with soft tones that slowly envelop the listener, but soon the vocals take hold and create a stunning communion of emotions and introspection. The spacious and dreamy elements of the song find solace in the presence of a gorgeous, almost spontaneous guitar, providing a wide and delightful musical breathing space. As the vocals, somewhat melancholic in nature, unfold, they reveal the hidden power of a vocalist who tactfully grows alongside the track, delivering a performance that is both clinical and emotionally resonant. Furthermore, the guitar variations in “Through the Glass” are plentiful and tastefully executed, revealing themselves gradually with each subsequent listen, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship behind the song.

Better” was released as the third single from the album. It is an enchanting track that takes a more folky direction, showcasing Angel’s captivating and hauntingly beautiful vocal performance that embodies a rare depth of modern music. With a slow and deliberate constancy, the song folds like a nostalgic childhood anthem, retaining a dreamy atmosphere throughout. Drawing inspiration from the past, the melody exudes a retro vibe that adds to its overall charm. It offers a way to find solace and healing while embracing the emotions of mourning and embracing a slow-paced sense of being. It beautifully captures the essence of finding comfort in melancholy, creating a truly mesmerizing musical experience.

Bubble” showcases and entitles the album title like no other track on the record. Sounding like a remarkable fusion of pop, folk, and hints of retro rock elements, the track results in a captivating and intricate composition. Drawing inspiration from acts spanning from Florence and the Machine to Red House Painters and My Morning Jacket, this track showcases, once again, Angel’s versatility and musical range. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars creates an energetic and inspiring atmosphere, capable of evoking both dancing and head-banging impulses. The vocal performance is a blend of modern sensibilities with nostalgic touches, offering a listening experience that is simultaneously familiar and refreshing. What sets “Bubble” apart is its ability to hook the listener with subtle, clever variations, presenting the story in a captivating, almost story-telling-like format. Just when you think you can predict the track’s trajectory, it surprises you, keeping you engaged from start to finish.

Just like these three singles, Angel Abaya’s debut album delves into the various spheres we find ourselves in social circles, cities, romantic partnerships, our connection with ourselves, and our place in the world. These spheres can be isolating, fulfilling, or a mix of both. At times, you yearn to break free from them, while at others, you wish to immerse yourself completely. “Bubble” (the album) captures these transitions through a captivating exploration of genres – that sometimes feel lighter popish and others more engaging rock anthems -, alternating between ethereal and transparent moments and darker, distorted elements. It is an authentic, unfiltered, and emotionally charged vessel of expression we like to get our hands on every time we get the chance.

About Angel Abaya:

Hailing from Los Angeles, Angel Abaya is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter, and musician. Having spent a significant part of the past 7 years immersed in Boise, Idaho’s vibrant music scene, Angel has spent a lot of her time making valuable contributions to the local arts and culture community through her involvement with Treefort Music Fest, LED, and Boise Rock School.

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