Listen to Hello Sister’s “The Things You Never Said”

Heavy, loud and memorable - pop-punk is back and in a perfect, healthy shape!

Florida-based Hello Sister is formed by three sisters, playing all the instruments on their own while composing their powerful pop-punk pieces. The latest of all is “Things You Never Said” which delves into the painful reality of toxic friendships. The members of Hello Sister faced the difficult experience of discovering that the people they cherished deeply were the very ones who betrayed them. The process of creating this song became a transformative journey for the band, starting with the initial phase of acceptance and denial. They questioned whether their perceptions were accurate or if their friend had deliberately intended to inflict harm. The second stage involved introspection, wondering what they might have done wrong to warrant such mistreatment from someone they held dear. Finally, they contemplated a plan of action in the third stage: should they speak up? Ultimately, they decided against it, which led them to channel their emotions into creating this song.

Hello Sister was fully aware of the detrimental actions their friend was taking, yet they struggled to come to terms with the idea of ending a friendship that held significant meaning to them. Standing up to their friend proved challenging, as they were uncertain of what could be said in the face of such betrayal. Complicating matters further, they lacked tangible evidence since those around them did not witness the same side of their friend. In the end, the band expressed their sentiments through the lyrics “I know all the things you never said“.

To anyone currently experiencing a similar ordeal, Hello Sister wants you to know that you are not alone. They invite you to listen to their song, which serves as a comforting reminder in the midst of such turmoil.

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