Artwork by my @graceycalninart for Hayden Calnin new record
From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration. When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, this series is entitled TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go.

Beekeeper Spaceman – lcicles

Beekeeper Spaceman, a captivating cinematic indie rock outfit, unveils their highly anticipated eponymous debut album on November 3rd. The record encapsulates an eternal clash between idyllic nostalgia and the fast-paced urban reality. Originating from the groundbreaking multimedia project Fire Bones, the duo—comprised of the exceptional songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Greg Brownderville alongside the talented producer and multi-instrumentalist Spencer Kenney—have shared stages with luminaries such as Erykah Badu, Leon Bridges, Shakey Graves, and Black Pumas.

Leading the charge is the enthralling single “Icicles” which Brownderville aptly describes as a “twisted Christmas carol“. The track meanders along like a melancholic, rhythm-infused homage to the Beach Boys, as its protagonist navigates the perpetual struggle between youthful freedom and the ties of adult relationships. Brownderville’s poignant lyrics echo the internal conflict: “You yearn to linger beyond the night, yet the allure of solitude defines me.” With their self-titled LP, Beekeeper Spaceman showcases their penchant for crafting introspective melodies that seamlessly blend introspection and sonic allure.

Gemma Hayes – High & Low

Gemma Hayes, the Irish singer-songwriter and Mercury Prize nominee, is making a long-awaited return with her new single “High & Low“. After nearly a decade since her last release, Gemma’s hushed and warm vocals combined with delicate atmospheric strings create a homecoming-like sound in this captivating track. Co-produced with David Odlum, the song explores the yearning for connection and the complexities of grief and longing. Gemma’s heartfelt vocals and instrumental contributions, alongside a talented lineup of musicians, convey the depth of emotions expressed in the song. Accompanied by a contemplative video directed by Allyn Quigley, the nuances of this exquisite track are beautifully captured.

Gemma’s return to sharing her deconstructed folk-pop is not only a means of artistic expression but also a way for her to feel grounded and connected. Having taken a break from releasing music to focus on her family, she now finds solace and joy in creating music that transports her and listeners to a world where magic is real. Gemma’s remarkable journey as a songwriter has spanned multiple acclaimed albums, and this release marks an exciting new chapter in her musical career.

Hayden Calnin – A Turning Of The Tide

Hayden Calnin, an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, showcases his unique blend of acoustic folk and ethereal production in a collection of emotionally resonant and sonically immersive recordings. With a prolific discography and notable collaborations, Calnin’s music has garnered widespread acclaim, featuring in TV series, movie soundtracks, and trailers. Following a breakup, he retreated to a creative hideaway on the Victorian coast, drawing inspiration from his surroundings and composing on acoustic guitar. His album “A Turning of the Tide” explores themes of growth and embracing change, serving as a therapeutic anthem that resonates both sonically and lyrically. It captures the pivotal moment of realization and serves as a guiding light for navigating the shifting tides of life.

The title track encapsulates the essence of Hayden Calnin’s artistry with its dramatic and evolutive nature. The song possesses a captivating quality that effortlessly navigates between melancholic introspection and a buoyant pop sensibility. The enchantment lies in both the mesmerizing vocals and the intricate production, which weave together to create a sonic landscape that draws listeners into its immersive depths. As the track unfolds, it unveils layers of emotion and sonic textures, captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression.

Jörgen Kjellgren – Bluebird Waltz 

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Jörgen Kjellgren is a talented music maker, producer, and free-range sound designer. His ambient releases on Past Inside the Present have captured the attention of music enthusiasts, while his humble description of his process as “adventures” reveals his experimental approach to electronic music. Alongside being one half of the pop duo Little Boxes with Anna Vogel, Jörgen’s latest venture with The Slow Music Movement showcases his versatility as he explores the realms of Cosmic Americana, Dream Folk, Indie Folk, and Singer-Songwriter genres, taking his artistic expression in captivating new directions.

And what a mesmerizing new journey this is. His new first single as a Folk artist is entitled “Bluebird Waltz” and is a captivating preview of his forthcoming LP set to release in September. This slow-burning, slow-chilling gem immediately captures your attention from the very first moment. The delicate strumming of the acoustic guitar intertwines flawlessly with Jörgen’s echoed vocals, creating an enchanting folk ambience that serves as the ideal backdrop for storytelling. As the track unfolds, it gracefully evolves, revealing the artistry of Jörgen’s nuanced vocals, adorned with gorgeous gentle hooks that leave an indelible mark. “Bluebird Waltz” is akin to a refreshing breeze that beckons you to listen perpetually, embracing you with its soothing embrace throughout its entirety.

Olivia Reid – Central Park West

Olivia Reid, a talented vocalist and skilled songwriter, crafts soul-soothing music that resonates deeply with the listener. Her songs flow at a pace akin to a steady heartbeat, while her poignant lyrics delve into the most intimate aspects of the human experience. With a unique production style that merges indie acoustics with exploratory electronic pop soundscapes, Reid creates a visceral sonic world that immerses her audience.

Reid’s heartfelt track, “Central Park West” serves as a tribute to her late Uncle Chris and her great Aunt Stevie, who battled Alzheimer’s disease. Living in Central Park West for many years, they shared cherished moments in the park that Reid holds dear. The song captures the essence of mourning, where joyful memories coexist with grief and gratitude. It embraces anyone who has experienced loss, providing solace and warmth through its heartfelt lyrics and tender melodies. The track showcases Reid’s thoughtful production approach, blending muted guitars, textured samples, and raw bedroom-recorded vocals. The decision to keep the original vocals from the initial demo takes, recorded in her bedroom, adds an authentic and intimate touch to the track. Working alongside co-producer Ry Jones, Reid creates a sonic time capsule, infusing the instrumentation with organic samples and sonic textures that vividly bring the Central Park atmosphere to life. Through her artistry, Reid captures the essence of introspection and nostalgia, drawing comparisons to acclaimed acts like Ben Howard while carving her own unique path.

Tess LeBlanc – Only A Man

Tess LeBlanc is a poet, songwriter, and harpist from Vancouver, BC. Her captivating artistry shines in her latest creation, “Only A Man” where she masterfully gives voice to the enigmatic character of Mary Magdalene, known for her unwavering love for Christ. This musical masterpiece seamlessly blends the ethereal melodies of Celtic harps and mandolins with the soulful strums of guitars and the rhythmic allure of castanets. “Only A Man” represents a bold departure from Tess’ previous synth-driven compositions, as she now embraces the forefront of her lyrical prowess. Her melodic soprano gently guides the listener into a realm that exists between history and fantasy, evoking sensations that are almost tangible. In just four minutes of intricate baroque folk-pop, Tess weaves an expansive and impressionistic narrative that transcends boundaries.

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