Sarah O’Moore’s “Troubled Mind”

On the first release of her upcoming EP, Sarah O’Moore shares her “Troubled Mind” with us.

Irish singer-songwriter Sarah O’Moore mesmerizes listeners with her enchanting blend of timeless vocals, seamlessly blending rock and folk influences into contemporary R&B and soul. Drawing comparisons to legends like Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday, Sarah crafts introspective yet eccentric compositions that showcase her unique voice. After studying at BIMM Bristol, she now explores new sonic realms in Berlin. Her debut EP, “Social Paralysis“, launching soon, promises a journey inspired by James Joyce’s “Dubliners“, breathing fresh life into 20th-century archetypes.

On “Social Paralysis“, O’Moore weaves a contemporary narrative tackling themes of social stagnation and the challenges confronted by today’s youth. Leading up to the EP’s release, O’Moore is introducing two singles, including today’s lovely piece, “Troubled Mind“, which offers a glimpse into the depth and emotional resonance of the upcoming EP. These tracks delve into issues such as addiction, domestic abuse, and the struggles of neglected youth, set against a backdrop of intricate musical layers. O’Moore explains, “I aimed to amplify the voices of those silenced by their own battles, shedding light on the complexities of modern life”.

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