Olivia Belli hits “Sibyl”

Olivia Belli leads us on a spiritual journey inspired by her homeland landscape of Mount Sibilla.

Olivia Belli, an Italian pianist and composer, emerged from Mantova and thrived in Trieste, where her musical journey began with piano studies. Inspired by modern composers like Glass, Ligeti, Reich, and Stockhausen, Belli‘s artistry bloomed amidst a backdrop of diverse collaborations, spanning genres and mediums. Initially reserved about sharing her compositions, Belli found courage through social media and streaming platforms, fueled by the enthusiastic response of her growing audience. Internationally renowned for her delicate, nature-inspired melodies, Belli‘s music embodies the essence of her Italian roots, captivating listeners with its heartfelt expression and intricate beauty.

Ending the album she is releasing today, “Intermundia“, we have “Sibyl“, where Olivia Belli orchestrates a mesmerizing blend of her poetic piano melodies with lush strings, crafting a transcendent sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from the mystical Mount Sibilla in her native land, Belli guides listeners on a transformative voyage through spiritual realms. The track mirrors the ascent towards self-discovery, evoking solitude, introspection, and profound spirituality. As the music rises and falls, culminating in a sudden halt, the strings reverberate with a poignant chord, echoing true harmony, while the piano revisits the initial theme, encapsulating the essence of the journey.

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