Elderbrook – Closer

Closer is an instant hit. Four minutes that sound like an instant. A very slow progression that works like a very fast bang. A song to love from the first instant you hear it.

Picture via Elderbrook Facebook

Elderbrook is not some newbie. Although the first piece of music released by the London-based Alexander Kotz is pretty recent, with the release of two EPs in 2015 – the five-track-long E.P. Simmer Down, and the three-track long golden E.P. Travel Show – he has taken the indie-eletronic world by some kind of storm. A very justified one. Songs like the hauntingly dancing Be There Soon, the surgically explosive Could, and the wonderfully stagger How Many Times (and the remixed version by Andhim), invaded alternative dance-floors everywhere. Comparing him to stars like Nick Murphy (a.k.a. Chet Faker) and Pablo Nouvelle.

2016 has been quiet in what respects to any new updates from Elderbrook, and that was OK. But when we were banged with a new single we couldn’t help to push play right away.

Never been closer to a love gone right.

Closer is an instant hit. One of those songs that take you to a disco, no matter where you are, no matter the time of day. And it does it with a sort of intensity that makes it very hard to let it go. Four minutes that sound like an instant and a very slow progression that works like a very fast bang. And probably the best indietronic song we’ve heard all year. In what respects the way the song builds itself to a proper electronic nirvana we can only see similarities with Jamie xxSleep Sound and some of the “old” Alt-J tracks. But somehow Closer is more than that. This is better, stronger and enveloper than any other we can remember. Push play. You’ve never been closer to instantaneous love.


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