WtMM Balcony Shows:

We do intimate shows in Lisbon, we call them the WtMM Balcony Shows. Shows are limited to 55 people and usually feature two indie bands or artists playing our balcony over a time of about 2 hours. 
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Next WtMM Balcony Show:

Balcony Shows will be back in 2020, soon the weather turns again a bit warmer in Lisbon. If you want to be alerted prior to everyone else, you should enroll your email (and your friends) in the Balcony Show Mailing List bellow.

Enroll in the Balcony Show Mailing List:

If you are interest and want to be alerted on every single show before everyone else, fill in the spaces below. We will email you invitations every time we are set for a new one.

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