New Secret

Indie music best kept secrets who should get more attention. This is where we get to know them in full detail.

DECORATOR – Savage & Fences

DECORATOR do it the right way. There are groovy vibes everywhere, the guitars sound "just there"; and the vocal melodies make me balance from side to side in my 80s-loving condition.

Monmoi – Settle Down, Gretchen

Who says the night is for the artists and creative owls? "This new music project was born in lockdown and fully realised in early morning creativity", in the words of George David a.k.a. Monmoi.

Dayweaver – Bloodman

Bloodman is the final piece to the 1st Season of Dayweaver that translates perfectly thoughts, experiences and memories into tangible art.

Ocean Onyx – Milky Dreaming

The landscapes from outter space has a name: Ocean Onyx and her forthcoming single Milky Dreaming. A song of perspectives that can bring you some great relaxing moments.