“Quiet Fire” meets modern jazz

Stylish and jazzy energy meets unconventional, surprising grooves in 'Quiet Fire.

Quiet Fire” by Wisoff and DUDETUNES is a testament to the duo’s unique fusion of styles, blending the whimsical with the sophisticated. As the track opens, it immediately grips you with its phat, funky basslines, setting the stage for a journey that’s as playful as it is musically rich. There’s a stylish and jazzy energy that’s both unconventional and refreshingly modern, with hints of old-school jazz vibes peeking through.
In the heart of “Quiet Fire”, you’ll find a tapestry of smooth crooning juxtaposed with Herbie Hancock-level keyboard performances by Wisoff. His virtuosity on the keys creates a lush soundscape, transporting listeners into a world where lo-fi bedroom pop meets polished jazz-funk. The collaboration with DUDETUNES adds an extra layer of charm, as his playful lyricism and relaxed vocal delivery dance effortlessly over the funky grooves.

The track’s lightheartedness is palpable, embodying a sense of carefree joy that’s hard to resist. DUDETUNES captures this essence perfectly with his whimsical quote, “Maaaaan, all y’all trying to do thangs, I just wanna go home and hang with my boo thang”. This laid-back vibe is mirrored in the track’s yacht-rock influences, a nod to the duo’s creative process as described by Wisoff: “It has a bit of a yacht-rock influence too, so we filmed the video on the Marina near the yachts. Not on them, near them. I don’t think I’ve ever been invited on one, but that’s cool. At least the sunset was beautiful”.

About Wisoff:

Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Wisoff initially made a splash with his animated Lego videos on YouTube under the moniker “jdog2004“, garnering 400,000 streams. Transitioning into the music industry, he has crafted beats and scores for TV shows across networks like NBC, TNT, and E!, and has graced stages as a pianist for artists such as Wayne Brady and Carmen Cusack. His musical influences span a diverse range, from Louis Cole to Toro y Moi, shaping his unique sound.
Since debuting his artist project in 2017 with the single “Hole In The World”, Wisoff has continued to evolve. His debut LP “Keyfrmes” in 2021 marked a pivotal point, blending lo-fi bedroom pop with piano virtuosity. His ongoing collaboration with Silver Lake-based producer-rapper DUDETUNES has further enriched his musical repertoire, culminating in the infectious groove of “Quiet Fire”.

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