Kowloon Meets Summer Vibes with “Coasting”

A Breezy Synth-Pop Anthem for Endless Days

Los Angeles-based Kowloon has done it again. With their new track “Coasting”, they meet our summer playlists with an infectious blend of nu-disco and synth-pop, perfect for those sun-soaked days ahead.

There’s something undeniably special about Kowloon’s music. They are one of the most frequently featured bands on Where the Music Meets, and that’s no accident. Their effortless swing and light funk always have a way of lifting us off our feet and embedding themselves in our minds. “Coasting” continues this trend, emerging as one of the standout discoveries of the year.

From the first notes, it’s clear that “Coasting” finds perfection in simplicity. The track masterfully blends the laid-back grooves of nu-disco with pop’s catchiness, creating a chill vibe that effortlessly captivates the listener. The hypnotic bassline is magnificent, and the better your speakers, the more you’ll appreciate its depth and intricacy.

Much like LEISURE and L’Impératrice, Kowloon excels in crafting songs that, while seemingly repetitive, never feel tedious or anything less than perfect. “Coasting” is another testament to this skill, inviting us to hit the repeat button over and over without moderation. It’s a perfect addition to any summer playlist, ideal for listening with the car windows down, the sea breeze in your face, and the sun pouring in unabated.

More About Kowloon:

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, “Come Over”, was entirely self-produced in his home studio on the industrial outskirts of the city. Blending vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with vocals inspired by The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone, “Come Over” offers 35 minutes of danceable love songs set against a backdrop of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.