“On Fire” by Ivery Meets Indie Pop Brilliance

Discover the Old-School Pop Craft in Ivery's Latest Single.

Ivery meets us with a fresh and fiery take on indie pop in her latest single, “On Fire”. This track captures her exceptional songwriting and old-school pop sensibilities.

From the very first note, “On Fire” showcases Ivery‘s ability to blend indie rock with a touch of indie pop. The track swings between flamboyant and light-hearted tones, never taking itself too seriously—and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. The production is solid, highlighted by a strong drum presence that harks back to the rich sounds of the ’90s and early 2000s. This nostalgic yet contemporary mix makes the song feel both familiar and fresh.

What truly sets “On Fire” apart is Ivery‘s voice. Light as a feather yet powerful enough to rock, her vocals are the main ingredient of this alternative pop masterpiece. The song’s beautiful circularity is carried by her voice, gracefully interrupted by an electric guitar that shines brightly towards the end. It’s a summer anthem that effortlessly merges Fleetwood Mac’s composition style with Phoebe Bridgers’ modern edge.

Ivery‘s track is not just a catchy tune; it’s a life lesson wrapped in music. “On Fire” speaks about the courage to break free from toxic environments and relationships, encouraging listeners to stand up for themselves. This message is delivered with such sincerity and strength that it resonates deeply, making the song a welcoming experience.

Mote about Ivery:

Hailing from the flourishing Viennese music scene, Ivery brings an old-school approach to pop music that feels refreshing and authentic. With her keytar in hand, she crafts songs that delve into themes of loss, death, and desperation, always finding a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Her debut EP, “Believer”, is a testament to her ability to tell deep, compelling stories through music. For fans of Feist, Fleetwood Mac, and Phoebe Bridgers, Ivery is an artist to watch.