Healing by RUÁ: A Journey of Reflection and New Beginnings

"Healing" captures the essence of past love and future hope.

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RUÁ‘s latest track, “Healing”, is a great musical letter to an old lover, encapsulating the bittersweet blend of nostalgia and newfound clarity. The song navigates the intricate emotions of reflection and regret, progressing to a celebratory conclusion that resonates with the brightness of Villagers’ “Darling Arithmetic“. The intertwining of RUÁ‘s chromatic vocals and Laura McFadden’s lamenting cello melodies creates a haunting ambience, adding depth to the track’s emotional narrative.

Listening to “Healing”, one can’t help but feel the intimate connection that RUÁ brings to life through her contemplative blend of folk and pop. The vocals, both impressive and melancholic, draw you in with their dreamlike quality, leaving a lasting impact. The track’s unusual structure, devoid of a clear pattern, enhances its uniqueness, blending acoustic elements with classical strings and culminating in a ghostly pop finale. This psychedelic yet personal composition invites listeners into a cathartic experience, reflecting RUÁ‘s artistic growth and maturity.

RUÁ‘s collaboration with award-winning producer Orri McBrearty and renowned cellist Laura McFadden has elevated “Healing” to a new level. Recorded in McBrearty’s home studio in Donegal, the track’s production mirrors the vastness and tranquillity of the Wild Atlantic Ocean, adding an ethereal quality to the music. The combination of Americana textures, South American percussion, and synth soundscapes results in a sound that exists outside any single place or time, truly capturing RUÁ‘s exploratory spirit.

About RUÁ

Hailing from Derry, RUÁ has drawn influences from legends like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Jeff Buckley, crafting a sound often compared to Linda Perhacs, Lhasa De Sela, and Clare Sands. After a four-year hiatus, she has returned with a rebranded, mature sound that focuses on openness, vulnerability, and storytelling. Her live shows are a testament to her growth, taking audiences on a journey through intricate guitar lines, velvety melodies, and vibrant trad-folk-gypsy stories.