Energize Your Day with “Light It Up” by Upbeat Lord feat. Apricot Ink

Meet the Funky, Pop-Infused Track That’s Lighting Up the Music Scene

Upbeat Lord and Apricot Ink have joined forces to create a track that’s destined to light up your playlist. “Light It Up” is a vibrant blend of funky pop, catchy melodies, and dub influences that’s sure to captivate listeners. With its infectious rhythm and playful vibe, this song is a breath of fresh air in today’s saturated music market.

The vibe of “Light It Up” is undeniably funky and delightfully pop, making it a fun and captivating listen. Drawing inspiration from bands like Little Dragon and Gorillaz, the track infuses familiar elements into a fresh sound. The repetitive yet inventive structure of the song keeps listeners engaged from start to finish, showcasing the genius of its creators. The lyrics, “Find a new way to light it up” perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being energized, alive, and stimulated—exactly what we seek in new music today.

“Light It Up” cleverly combines dubby basslines with catchy melodies, creating a sonority that’s both immersive and exhilarating. The collaboration between Upbeat Lord and Apricot Ink started at a New Year’s festival and quickly blossomed into this standout single. Their ability to blend dub, hip-hop, and pop influences results in a track that feels both nostalgic and innovative. Sara’s sensual vocals add an extra layer of allure, floating effortlessly over the infectious beats and warm-toned guitars.

The song’s genius lies in its ability to sound repetitive yet fresh, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve to keep the listener hooked. It’s a track that beckons you to dance, with swinging 808 drums and skank beats that are impossible to resist. Upbeat Lord and Apricot Ink have mastered the art of creating music that’s both familiar and groundbreaking, ensuring that “Light It Up” stands out in a crowded market.

About the Artists:

Upbeat Lord is known for crafting mutant disco with elements of trip-hop and dub, featuring a rotating cast of characters anchored by a constant core.


Apricot Ink, a project by a group of Canberra-based musicians and producers, operates in the alt-R&B realm, blending danceable grooves with hip-hop and pop influences. Their production style takes cues from artists like The XX and Mac Miller, resulting in a unique and compelling sound. Together, these two acts have created a track that’s not just a song but an experience.