Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 30.

Aaron Horn – In your arms again

Aaron Horn‘s latest track, “In Your Arms Again”, from the electronic compilation ‘All The Love Within,’ showcases his unique fusion of meditative vocal harmonies and minimal Afrobeats rhythms. Known for his innovative production techniques, Horn utilizes Ableton to create a distinctive sound, blending hi-fi and lo-fi elements that evoke a sense of dynamic motion. With a rich background as a Grammy-nominated co-writer and co-producer for major hits like Doja Cat’s “Woman” and Sam and the Womp’s “Bom Bom,” Horn has shifted his focus in recent years toward sound healing and meditation. His expertise in creating immersive sonic experiences is evident in his residencies and collaborations with prestigious venues and brands, solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted artist dedicated to the therapeutic power of music.

AZL – onesecfurther

AZL‘s latest track, “onesecfurther”, delves into the profound relationship between humans and the passage of time, reflecting the Budapest-based artist’s exploration of external influences and internal states. With a soundscape that mirrors the fleeting nature of moments and the mental shifts they provoke, AZL—the brainchild of Zoltán Levente Ádám—invites listeners to ponder the instantaneity of becoming disconnected from oneself and the journey back to consciousness. This experimental piece, rich with introspective depth and electronic nuance, marks AZL‘s second release and serves as a sonic journal of his personal experiences and reflections on a world in flux.

Bastian Benjamin – Epiphany

This electronic-based compilation features a standout track by Bastian Benjamin titled “Epiphany”, showcasing his signature blend of electronica and breakbeat. Hailing from Deventer, the Netherlands, Bastian’s early piano lessons laid the foundation for his experimental and sophisticated musical style, drawing inspiration from artists like Clark and Massive Attack. Known for his finely balanced electronics and emotive compositions, Bastian’s music has earned acclaim from outlets such as CLASH Magazine. His forthcoming LP, “Elixir, promises to be a mesmerizing journey through diverse soundscapes, with “Epiphany” exemplifying his innovative approach to electronic music. Try not to feel overwhelmed and inside this trip, we dare you.

Frankie Knight x Submyth – Leave It Behind

“Leave It Behind” by Frankie Knight x Submyth is a mesmerizing fusion of wavy breakbeats and spectral electronics, born from the creative synergy of childhood friends Frankie Knight and Robert Swaine, also known as Submyth. This captivating new single is a cathartic anthem of personal growth and forgiveness, wrapped in kinetic production that conjures a sense of dancefloor liberation. Inspired by childhood favourites like Buffy and Sabrina, Frankie Knight aimed to evoke feelings of freedom and a touch of witchy magic. This track follows their successful debut collaboration, “How Do You Feel?“, which garnered acclaim from prominent music platforms. Frankie Knight, known for her haunting melodies and lush electronic pop, continues to push creative boundaries alongside Submyth, bringing their unique sound to stages across the UK.

hejmotti – Small Talk

hej motti‘s latest track, “Small Talk“, captures the essence of Lofi House and UK garage, seamlessly blending spacious, beautiful, and contemplative soundscapes that invite listeners to both lose themselves in the moment and find their rhythm on the dance floor. Martin Rogers, the UK-based electronic musician behind hej motti, creates a profound beat that feels like a perfect fit, resonating with depth and beauty. Whether it’s a sunrise soundtrack after a night of dancing or the perfect companion for a drive with the speakers at full blast, “Small Talk” delivers an auditory experience that’s both immersive and invigorating.

Kurran Karbal – Time

Kurran Karbal, known for his work with Kurran and the Wolfnotes and his alter-ego Munkey Junkey, embarks on a deeply personal journey with his new solo album, “Dumb and Dhamma“. After honing his musical skills from a young age and collaborating with notable producers like Stephen Street and Youth, Kurran‘s latest project showcases his evolution as an artist. His new song “Time” stands out with its 1980s vibe, reminiscent of the era’s nostalgic essence. The album, produced in his home studio over two years, features a mix of uplifting and introspective tracks, including “Maybe In Another Life” and “Yasmin, I Love You“.
Set for release in Autumn 2024 via XYZ123, “Dumb and Dhamma” promises to establish Kurran as a compelling indie singer-songwriter and producer.

Manatee Commune – Faulted

Manatee Commune delivers a mesmerizing track with “Faulted” where a beautiful dichotomy unfolds between electronic elements reminiscent of organic drum beats and more synthetic rhythms. The simplistic use of voices, manipulated to emulate guitar sounds, introduces a captivating and innovative texture. This track’s luminous repetition invites both dance and introspection, serving as an ideal backdrop for creative thought and new ideas. Manatee Commune masterfully balances these elements to create a piece that is both thought-provoking and energetically engaging.

Tim Sun – Day Break

Australian producer Tim Sun unveils a refreshing auditory experience with his latest track, “Day Break”, a vibrant addition to the electronic music landscape. Inspired by the refreshing sensation of an early morning workout on a dreary day, Tim Sun captures the essence of perseverance rewarded by the rising sun piercing through the clouds, a natural symbol of encouragement. Known for his innovative fusion of electronica, breaks, and bass, Tim Sun continues to carve out a unique sonic niche, reminiscent of the nuanced styles of Four Tet, Overmono, and Floating Points.

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