MANTA brings “Good News”

"Good News" takes its place as a standout release in MANTA's evolving discography.

Irish musician and producer MANTA, who has been based in East London for the past decade, leverages his multi-instrumental background to create music that stands in its own lane. Hailing from Dublin, MANTA blends traditional song structures with innovative, left-field sounds, creating a unique sonic tapestry. His latest release, “Good News“, exemplifies this approach, merging UK Garage with elements of House and Breaks. The track, infused with Dancehall and Jungle influences, showcases rolling breaks and subby bass during the refrain, highlighting MANTA‘s ability to blend diverse genres seamlessly.

Good News” begins with a modern 2-step Garage rhythm, introducing a swung and flowing bassline before transitioning into moody, dulcet vocal tones. This familiar territory is disrupted by a flurry of digital synthesis, only to resolve into a main refrain featuring rolling breakbeats. Produced, mixed, and mastered between summer 2023 and early 2024, the track is meticulously crafted for both festival stages and intimate venues.

The accompanying music video, set in various iconic London locations, visually complements the track’s atmosphere, making “Good News” a standout release in MANTA‘s evolving discography.

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