Orlas’ “Viver o Mar” is here!

Orlas' "Viver o Mar" blends tradition and modernity, creating a captivating, border-transcending soundscape.

Orlas, named after the Portuguese word for ‘shores’ or ‘coasts,’ presents a unique musical journey through their debut LP “Viver o Mar“. This father-and-son duo, Victor Chicri and Vic Delnur, weave together elements of samba-jazz, bossa nova, disco-funk, and more to create an immersive and genre-defying experience.

Victor Chicri, a seasoned maestro and pianist from the vibrant ’70s era, brings a wealth of experience, having shared stages with Brazilian legends like Gal Costa and Seu Jorge, and performed globally, including a notable appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival with Quincy Jones. Vic Delnur, a versatile multi-instrumentalist and producer, adds a modern twist, having toured with the psychedelic indie rock band Water and Man, and collaborated with artists like Sessa and Mahmundi. Together, they forge a sound that is both rooted in Brazil’s rich musical heritage and refreshingly contemporary.

The latest Orlas‘ work, “Viver o Mar” stands out as a testament to their ability to blend the traditional with the modern, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and innovative, transcending borders and captivating ear-sets worldwide.
The album’s title track, “Viver o Mar“, epitomizes the rich tapestry of sounds that define Orlas‘ distinctive style. It features the lush arrangements of an eight-piece orchestra, complemented by the soulful vocals of Luciane Dom and Gabi Delnur, which add emotional depth and a sense of intimacy to the record.

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