Aaron Horn shares “One Day”

"One Day" is here and brings a soundscape that instantly transports us to the sunlit side of our souls

Aaron Horn, an artist, producer, and sound therapist, skillfully intertwines his diverse talents to create impactful music and immersive experiences. Known for co-writing and co-producing the Grammy-nominated track “Woman” by Doja Cat, which has garnered over 500 million streams, Horn has a proven knack for crafting commercially successful music. His international hit “Bom Bom” with Sam and the Womp sold over a million physical copies worldwide.

In recent years, Horn‘s focus has shifted towards sound healing and meditation, curating event programs for immersive sonic experiences and sound baths at prominent UK venues like the National Portrait Gallery, Soho House, and The Shard. Horn‘s multifaceted career reflects his dedication to both the commercial and therapeutic potential of music, creating a unique and resonant legacy.

Horn‘s latest project, “One Day“, from his album “All The Love Within“, showcases his evolution as a musician.
This third offering takes listeners on a journey through calming melodies and upbeat garage rhythms, highlighting his ability to blend genres seamlessly.
One Day“, initially created in a Camden basement, features a fusion of UKG, 2-step, space chords, and LFOs, all layered over a serene Rhodes Piano backdrop. The soundscape takes us, by the hand, immediately to the sunny, “beachy” side of our souls.

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