Soft Cuff is debuting with “TuPay”

Soft Cuff's most recent release, "TuPay", is a spellbinding debut single that defies time and genre.

In the heart of Tampa Bay’s vibrant music scene emerges a captivating collaboration known as Soft Cuff. Comprised of four of the region’s most dynamic musicians – Brian Schanck, Mikey Bostinto, Tina Sanchez, and Shane Schuch – Soft Cuff defies categorization with their debut single, “TuPay“.
Drawing from a diverse array of influences spanning indie, psych, and afrobeat, Soft Cuff weaves together a mesmerizing instrumental soundscape that transports listeners across temporal and spatial boundaries.

With “TuPay“, they invite you on a journey through a sonic landscape that feels simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic. At its core the song pulses with an infectious psych-groove that grabs hold of your senses from the opening notes. Set against a backdrop of fuzzed-out wah guitar and lively percussion, the song’s unconventional 6/4 time signature adds an unexpected twist that keeps you on your toes. Yet, despite its complexity, the composition remains remarkably accessible, drawing you in with its irresistible rhythm and groove.

Throughout “TuPay“, Soft Cuff demonstrates a masterful command of dynamics, effortlessly building tension and release with each progression. The interplay between instruments is seamless, with each member contributing their unique flair to the ensemble. From the ethereal melodies to the rhythmic intricacies, every element of the song feels purposeful and finely crafted.

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