Michael Inge’s “Sugaflava”

"Sugaflava" captures Michael Inge's signature retro funk with unique a message of individuality.

In his latest musical venture, NYC-based Michael Inge crafts a mesmerizing odyssey for us listeners, seamlessly intertwining the timeless essence of soul and vintage R&B with infectious hints of pop and funk. His velvety vocals, coupled with a keen sense of artistry and unwavering passion, establish a musical kinship with legends like Al Green, Amy Winehouse, and Allen Stone, while carving out his unique and authentic niche in the industry. Michael‘s live shows are nothing short of spellbinding, as he effortlessly exudes the warmth of genuine southern charm and infuses the atmosphere with uplifting energy, leaving audiences utterly captivated and craving more.

Michael Inge just unleashed his debut single, “Sugaflava“, offering a tantalizing glimpse into his forthcoming EP, “Whoosh!” Known for his contributions as a sought-after session vocalist and songwriter, Inge steps into the limelight with his own original material. “Sugaflava” serves as a testament to his distinctive blend of retro funk, infused with infectious pop hooks and soulful harmonies, encapsulating a message of embracing individuality. Accompanied by evocative artwork, featuring a youthful Inge dressed as Wonder Woman, the release exudes a bold commitment to authenticity.

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