Exploring “Universal Order”: South of France’s Multicultural Melodies

A breeze of sounds to light your way. Meet South of France.

It’s no surprise that the music industry never ceases to amaze us. Between beats, rhythms, dialects and poetry, this infusion of wisdom grows on us with each passing day, and there’s always that new sound that won’t leave our ears.

Today we’re making our way to Denver, in the United States of America – and it’s with a name that could well be mistaken for a European country that we’re converging on this fascinating melody that mixes experiences, countries and cultures. Stay with South of France.

The world is constantly changing. Whether in our personal lives or in general, every day something turns our lives upside down. We all want synergy, peace and tranquillity, but we all know that not everything is roses in every corner of the world.

But Jeff Cormack, better known artistically as South of France, wants to change the course of everything we want to take for granted. From Denver to the world, we’re talking about a multi-instrumentalist who combines his art and ingenuity with instruments, musical writing and the production of the whole world that defines him.

In a groovy environment where pop, indie-rock, r&b/soul and world music converge in unison, we listen and listen carefully to Universal Order, their single which also features the artist Big Samir.

Reminiscent of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, we are swallowed up by a light rhythm where guitars, drums and voice fit like a glove into our daily soundtrack. The peace, harmony and purity of this song are worthy of a relaxing moment that we want to repeat over and over again.

A WtMM recommendation.

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