Secret Secret’: A New Sound from the Bay Area Underground

A secret we are not tired about. Meet Secret Secret.

Pshhhh… it’s a secret!

It’s not every day that we reveal what’s in our souls and all the contortions that this can have. Our lives run like the minutes of a day: in the blink of an eye we go from something controlled to moments of distress – and we constantly protect ourselves at points where we feel comfortable to almost run after the loss.

It’s people, music, places or moments: only we – and a select group of people – know how good it does our souls.

And in this transition between comfort and strangeness, we always keep a beautiful secret that becomes ours alone and that of the people who know it.

Today it’s time to reveal one of these secrets to the world. Music unites countries, people and continents. And this secret is no exception to the rule. Meet Secret Secret.

We all have friends and childhood memories. Our first friend, the first time we read, went to the cinema, listened to a song or smiled together. More than secrets, these are stories that mould us as human beings. And Secret Secret has these stories to tell us.

From San Francisco to the world, we have childhood friends Sadie Alan, Maria Donjacour, Thomas Fendert and Marika Stuurman. They describe themselves as a kind of ‘lullaby punk’, where indie-rock dances with jangle pop, creating a synergy of styles that could well blend with the beautiful flavour of so many stories, words and instruments with which they work so artistically.

The band took its first steps in 2017 in the Bay Area underground rock community.

Among the new singles they’ve released, we present to you She’s Tired or, in other words, a creative and almost cheerful way of explaining the feeling of burnout.

The strange and unmistakable way in which a person doesn’t want to wake up is stuck and locked in, with no desire to do anything. It’s such a common theme that it’s regularly talked about and could well be mistaken for short-term depression.

Before we listened to it, we were apprehensive about what to expect: would it be something intense and profound, to the point of almost taking us to the bottom?

Spoiler alert: none of this happens. Between a very positive and fresh instrumentalisation, almost as if it were a dream, to the chorus of all the artists who, in unison, lift our souls to the top of our feelings, we received the energy of San Francisco with so much hope, future, happiness and creativity: we couldn’t stop listening, closing our eyes and dreaming.

To complete this beautiful experience, the music video is cute to the point of making us feel like childhood friends of the band – and where a sleepover turns into a memory of school days, where all your childhood friends (sleeping in the same bed) are teleported to the middle of your classroom in a psychedelic moment, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

We woke up tired, but we got up happy and full of energy. This is a secret we want to share with everyone, and Secret Secret are a band we want to see emerge.

A WtMM recommendation.

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