Alex Henry Foster is under a “Luxuriant Sky”

Alex Henry Foster drops the awaited LP "Kimiyo," with the track "Under a Luxuriant Sky," radiating themes of self-acceptance and hope.

Alex Henry Foster, former frontman of Your Favorite Enemies, emerged as an unforeseen DIY artist with his debut solo album “Windows in the Sky“, a dreamy blast of post-rock acclaimed by critics. His second album, “Standing Under Bright Lights“, recorded live at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, solidified his reputation as a must-see live act. Foster‘s multifaceted career extends beyond music; he’s a prolific writer, human rights advocate, and entrepreneur. Joining forces with Momoka Tobari and Ben Lemelin, Foster is set to unveil a diverse array of creative endeavors in 2024, showcasing his boundless artistic vision.

Alex Henry Foster unveils the much-awaited LP “Kimiyo” with the release of the lyric video for the track “Under a Luxuriant Sky“, a beautiful soundscape with healthy levels of melancholy and peaceful sense of loneliness. Sonically, it feels like a highly cinematic downtempo piece for the ones who are into AIR, Tame Impala or even M83. Reflecting on the song’s liberating essence, Foster shares its profound message of self-acceptance and hope. With Momoka Tobari‘s help, Foster explores the depths of human emotions in the multidisciplinary project “Voyage à la Mer“, inspired by his transformative journey to Japan and his recovery from a life-altering cardiac surgery. With Foster still finding his voice, Momoka becomes the soulful interpreter of this poignant exploration of identity and rebirth.

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