Rudjord shares “Kjemp-Jo Recomposed”

Lars Jakob Rudjord's "Kjempe-Jo" enthralls with its narrative depth and evocative melodies, presenting a unique take on the neoclassical genre.


Lars Jakob Rudjord, a Norwegian pianist and composer, stands out in the Modern Classical scene with his fusion of acoustic piano melodies, synths, strings, Sami drums, and electronics, creating a captivating musical world uniquely his own. His upcoming 2024 album, “Kjempe-Jo“, explores the stories of his legendary Great Great Grandfather Kjempe-Jo, blending Norwegian folk music and Nordic Jazz to expand the neoclassical landscape. Rudjord, known for his four studio albums and collaborations with top Norwegian musicians like Ingvild Koksvik, Karl Seglem, and Moddi, continues to redefine musical boundaries.

Kjempe-Jo Recomposed” is the album’s final track and delves deep into his ancestral heritage, drawing inspiration from the legendary figure of ‘Kjempe-Jo‘ from 19th-century Norway. Through a blend of melodic, groovy, and introspective instrumental compositions, Rudjord and his ensemble weave a mesmerizing tapestry that pays homage to Norwegian tradition while embracing innovation. Originally commissioned for prestigious events in Oslo and Farsund, the piece explores the folklore surrounding Kjempe-Jo, known for his remarkable feats and mythical aura. Collaborating with musicians Guro Kvifte Nesheim, Katrine Schiøtt, and Jakop Janssønn, Rudjord crafts a musical journey that seamlessly merges old-world charm with contemporary fantasy. “Kjempe-Jo” promises to grab us with its rich storytelling and evocative melodies, offering a fresh perspective on the neoclassical landscape.

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