Matt Monsoor shares “Jeremy” with us

Matt Monsoor's "Jeremy," captivates us with its unique sound and mysterious narrative, inviting us to interpret and dive in its depths.

Matt Monsoor‘s musical journey kicked off in the nineties when he found himself living on the grounds of the Paramour Mansion in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, sparking a passion for both music and woodworking. With a discography spanning back to 2001, his artistic voice has matured over time, punctuated by a hiatus after 2012, reignited by the pandemic. Returning to his roots in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Monsoor collaborated with artists like Matthew Skemp and Andrew Fitzpatrick, culminating in the release of his latest EP, “Better Things“. Beyond music, he and his wife are transforming their country property into an artistic haven, envisioning it as a destination for artists passing through Wisconsin’s driftless region.

Closing out “Better Things“, “Jeremy” stands as a standout track, earning praise from critics for its unique blend of sound, production, and songwriting. Unlike many songwriters who unravel the stories behind their songs, “Jeremy” maintains a deliberate mystique, allowing listeners to interpret its narrative through their own lens. This intentional ambiguity preserves the personal essence for the writer while fostering a deep connection between the music and our imagination.

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