Meimuna’s under the nave

"Sous la Nef" enchants, beckoning us akin to magnetic forces towards a realm of newfound insight and creative spark.

Meimuna, led by singer and guitarist Cyrielle Formaz since 2016, epitomizes a rare ability to unveil the profound beauty entrenched within existence. With a fusion of Anglo-Saxon folk and French poetry, Meimuna delicately navigates musical and linguistic boundaries, crafting melodies that resonate deeply. Their reach extends across Switzerland, Europe, and even to far-flung locales like China and Canada, with five EPs captivating audiences worldwide. Tracks like “Tristesse du Diable” have transcended borders, becoming anthems for those seeking illumination. Meimuna‘s music, whether in solo, duo, quartet, or orchestral arrangements, possesses an intrinsic clarity akin to mountain spring water, revealing the essence of life itself.

Meimuna‘s latest track “Sous la Nef” handles themes of resilience and renewal, painting a vivid picture of hope emerging from darkness. Through the poem, the song metaphorically explores the journey of migratory birds seeking direction and purpose amidst adversity. With its ethereal melodies and evocative instrumentation, including distant organ twinklings and rhythmic murmurations, “Sous la Nef” is mesmerizing, guiding us like magnetic fields toward a horizon of newfound clarity and inspiration.

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