Angelika Fahray’s “If I Would Die”

Joining forces with Seepeoples, Fahray's latest is a powerful declaration of love and devotion.

Angelikah Fahray, the cherished soul-jazz R&B vocalist from Portland, has swiftly ascended as one of Maine’s most promising talents, captivating audiences with her distinct blend of sultry yet refined songcraft. Amidst performances at premier local venues, she has garnered a devoted following, bolstered by features in prominent media outlets like the Portland Press Herald, The Late Show, and Newscenter Maine (WCSH). Fahray‘s vocal prowess shines as she effortlessly navigates dynamic ranges, oscillating between soaring highs and intimately engaging lows, solidifying her status as a tour de force in the music scene.

After nearly five years in the music scene, Angelikah Fahray is poised to solidify her standing as a genuine artistic force with her latest single, “If I Would Die“. Collaborating with producers Will Bradford and Will Holland, Fahray infuses trademark elements into every aspect of the track.
If I Would Die” is a mesmerizing blend of soul-ballad and lo-fi trip-hop, showcasing Fahray‘s captivating vocals and intricate harmonies, delivering a powerful declaration of love and devotion that enchants us from start to finish.

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