Lanessa Long and her “Cool Creature”

In a playful yet sincere tone, "Cool Creature" delves into Lanessa Long's relationship with her body, gender, sexuality, and anxiety.

Lanessa Long, a singer-songwriter and comedian hailing from Oregon but now based in Brooklyn, brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene with her earnest and specific storytelling. Diving into the depths of emotion with a narrative flair, she seamlessly intertwines sincerity with humor in her meticulously crafted lyrics.

Drawing from her diverse background, including a degree in voice from the California Institute of the Arts and training at French clown school, Long‘s performances exude charisma and uniqueness. With influences ranging from Lorde to Regina Spektor, she offers a sound that resonates with fans of introspective pop. Whether you’re preparing for a night out or simply craving authentic music, Lanessa Long is poised to become a staple on your playlist.

In her latest track, “Cool Creature“, Long takes another dive into the hardship of self-discovery and acceptance, expressing a profound sense of understanding as she navigates her identity. Through introspective lyrics and a confessional lens, Long explores the complexities of feeling disconnected from traditional notions of womanhood and humanity, instead finding solace in embracing her individuality. The song is a reflection on her relationship with her body, gender, sexuality, and anxiety, all conveyed with a playful yet sincere tone.
Written in a mere 25 minutes at her childhood piano, “Cool Creature” encapsulates four years of vocal evolution, each verse representing a different facet of her journey. Long‘s ability to effortlessly weave together personal experiences and universal themes creates an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider in their own skin.

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