Robin Kenny’s “OLD MAN”

"OLD MAN" highlights Robin Kenny's artistry, offering a glimpse into her unmatched creative fervor and her upcoming EP.

In the vibrant tapestry of Ottawa’s music scene, emerges the multifaceted talent of Robin Kenny, a native songsmith and instrumentalist whose sonic journey navigates the realms of indie pop, emo folk, and neo-soul. With a penchant for crafting heartfelt narratives set to unconventional melodies, Robin‘s creative sanctuary resides within the walls of her home studio. Here, she meticulously captures the essence of everyday experiences, weaving them into a mesmerizing array of tunes that defy conventional categorization.

Beyond her lyrical musings and intricate compositions, Robin‘s passion for sonic exploration extends to the realm of instrumentation. A connoisseur of eclectic sounds, she curates a cherished collection of vintage and offbeat instruments, ranging from the soulful strains of accordions to the futuristic allure of keytars. Through her musical odyssey, Robin Kenny takes listeners to embark on a transcendent voyage, where each note resonates with authenticity and artistic innovation.

In “OLD MAN“, Robin Kenny ventures into the labyrinthine depths of off-kilter alt-pop, unfurling a haunting saga of emotional entanglement and unrequited longing. With raw lyricism and blistering guitar riffs as her arsenal, Kenny‘s vocals soar amidst a sonic landscape adorned with brooding clavichord chords and ethereal organ strains. This latest offering serves as the second single from her forthcoming EP, poised to captivate audiences later this year. Collaborating with the esteemed Ottawa production studio, Monscene, Kenny promises an eclectic collection of tracks that epitomize her experimental chamber-pop sensibilities.
OLD MAN” stands as a compelling testament to Kenny‘s artistry, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic tapestry she continues to weave with unparalleled creativity and fervor.

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